Romantic Suspense

To know Skylar's and Brent's full love story, you will want to read both Something Like a Dream and Awaken. Watch for their characters to make appearances in future novels such as my crime fiction, White Noise Whispers, written with Edward Mickolus.

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Tina's Book Promos Review "Could not stop reading I really enjoyed this book. It was filled with suspense and the unexpected — exciting to delve into.”

Something Like a Dream

When Skylar Shaw first meets Brent, she thinks little of him. But when her boss sends her off on shady accounts and has Brent shadow her every move, she begins to wonder about him. Was he part of the illegal schemes unfolding around her? Each trip overseas tightens the snare around Skylar. Her world begins to collapse with each false document she signs. But to make matters worse, Skylar can no longer deny her attraction to Brent. Unable to share any of her illegal actions with her significant other, Adam, she unwittingly makes him vulnerable. When Adam disappears, Skylar realizes she must trust Brent with her secrets. But what she doesn’t know is if telling Brent the truth will save her or destroy her.

An excellent read. Exciting, amazing with an intriguing view of the universe and its calling. Hard to put this one down. I will look for more from this author. (And yes, I read “Something Like a Dream” when it first came out.) Thank you Tracy!~Judy, Amazon Reader


Awaken begins where Something Like a Dream left off, but this time, Brent is left wondering who he can trust.
Skylar's life is in danger and Brent Foster may be the only one that can save her. Brent can't believe Skylar Shaw is complicit in a drug scheme, although all of the evidence points to her guilt. Somewhere in the woman's journal, in the lines of a mysterious poem Skylar wrote, are answers to so many questions. Is she being hunted? Or the question that bothers him the most: What if she isn't being hunted at all? There is only one way to get answers, and Brent is prepared to go to the ends of the earth to find out the truth.