About the author

Tracy Tripp was born and raised in Potsdam, NY on a dairy farm along with five sisters, a brother, and countless animals. She went to SUNY Oswego where she earned her degree in teaching, and then went on to receive her Master’s degree in education with a concentration in English from Buffalo State College. After one particularly cold winter in Buffalo, she and her husband decided living a bit farther south would be nice, so they moved to Richmond, VA where Tracy taught middle school and they began to raise their family. Eventually, Tracy decided to stay home with her three children and started dabbling with another love of hers, writing. After eighteen years, their family moved to Jacksonville, Fl where they fill their free time watching baseball, lacrosse, and soccer. When they are not watching sports, they play a great deal of tennis themselves. Tracy likes to write stories about the human spirit and the challenges that shape them, but is also open to any whimsical idea that comes her way.

Writing has always been a calling of mine. I love the fact that words put together can, inspire, can teach, can move, can touch…


My hope is that by writing about characters that are flawed but still somehow relatable, that my readers will walk in their shoes if only for a moment and feel their challenges as if they were their own. When they close the book on the last chapter, I hope that they will find my words came together to create a world where they were inspired, moved, or taught along with the characters within the pages.


I look forward to a future of writing and improving my abilities with each  experience.

Tracy Tripp