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White Noise Whispers
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White Noise Whispers in an impressive novel that, by midpoint, becomes a thriller with exciting war descriptions. I highly recommend this story to anyone who enjoys excellent twists and fast-paced plots aimed to mesmerize the reader.
~Susan Schjelderup Founder, Backyard Book Club and contributor to the I Matter: Finding Meaning in Your Life at Any Age trilogy

White Noise Whispers

Sometimes the hardest criminal to find is the one hiding in plain sight.

In the deserts of Iraq, a Marine falls in love with an embedded journalist who questions the war. As he battles with the horrific actions he must commit in the line of duty, the love for the journalist twists into something much darker and sends him spiraling on a path of destruction.

Years after the war ends, Detective Jim Castile frantically searches for a serial killer. Each clue brings him dangerously closer to home. When the patient’s and the detective’s worlds collide, Jim Castile's life is forever changed.