Have You Ever Wondered?

Have you ever wondered about the forks in your road? What would have happened if you decided one road versus another? Been born to this family or that one? Chose this friend over another? Who would you be today? Would you be a better version of yourself? A lost version? What if that bad choice you made along the way did end tragically and you didn’t get away with just being young and foolish? 

Driving down the streets of Jacksonville, it is common to see a man or woman, young or old, holding a sign and asking for help. Sometimes, we drive by and hardly notice and other days, when the temperatures soar into the high nineties, we might take note, giving thanks that we have a car with AC and a home to drive to after our errands have ended. 

On our drive, our minds might wonder how someone ends up in that situation and why don’t they do the necessary steps to give themselves a better life. Maybe we blame them. Maybe we pity them. But after the moment has passed, we forget about them as they stand with their sign, hoping for something, for someone, to show kindness.

My friend Dorri and I are going on a journey to discover why life turns out one way for some and another way for others. We have teamed up with Saved 2 Serve to speak with some of Jacksonville’s street friends in order to hear their stories, to understand the line that divides us and how we can help our struggling citizens to reclaim their lives. We hope that you will join us and together we will grow our compassion and understanding for our fellow humans that were by chance given a different hand in life.

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