1. Don’t tell people you aren’t any good. They’ll believe you.
  2. Don’t act better than everyone else. They will become determined to find your faults.
  3. If the people around you are down, tired or frustrated, try to raise them up.
  4. If you are down, tired, or frustrated allow other people to help raise you up.
  5. There is almost always something else left in your reserve tank.
  6. Somedays it’s going to be someone else’s day to shine. Shake their hand and congratulate them.
  7. Somedays you will feel like a champ. Enjoy the moment and remember that’s what it is—a moment. Don’t take it too seriously.
  8. Choosing the right partner can make life feel like a dance.
  9. Even your favorite partner can let you down every now and then. Forgive them. You may just hit the next one in the net.
  10. No matter what is going on around you, play your game the best you can. You can’t control everyone else’s.
  11. If you want to look like a winner, then get the defeated look off your face. You may have to make yourself believe you’re still in the game for your opponents to start believing you are.
  12. Sometimes, no matter how much you think you needed the win, the other guy needed it more.
  13. If you remember to stop and set your feet every now and then, you are ready for almost anything.
  14. If you get down, remember the best stories are the comeback ones. You are in prime position to write the next one.
  15. If you are kicking butt every time you step on the court, you need a bigger challenge. Break out of your comfort zone.
  16. If you spend too much time thinking about how to play, you play tight.
  17. When it’s your turn to be the spectator, cheer loudly (but not during the point).
  18. When you forget it’s fun, stop and look at how the branches sway in the wind, or how the clouds look against the blue sky. There is a whole lot of calm right outside your bubble wanting you to notice it.
  19. Smile, it reminds everyone it’s just a game we should be enjoying.
  20. At the end of the day, the results become official. Make them something you’re proud of.