Still Life

Jacob sits in jail awaiting trial for a fatal hit-and-run accident, hating himself for the pain he has caused his family, petrified that more secrets will be discovered. He will do anything to keep his family together until he realizes the cold hard truth that he may have already lost them. Worse yet, the only one that can save him is the one that wants him destroyed.

Everywhere Samantha turns, she is met with judgement and betrayal until the victim’s husband asks to meet with her. Disregarding the voice that eventually makes her wonder about his intentions and being desperate to bring her family back from tragedy, she agrees. Soon she finds herself craving much more than his conversation and is torn between two uncertain futures.

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Parting Gifts

Sarah wrapped her housecoat strings around her waist and smoothed out the pockets that once held butterscotch candies for her children. She listened to the frightening silence of her now empty home as she opened the utensil drawer and slid her hand to the far back, a place only she would ever go. She could feel the cold metal of the tube cutter, such a small tool capable of so much damage. To test the fit, she slid it into the pocket of her housecoat, and immediately the unbearable pressure of the small item weighed her down. She could see his truck through the window, boldly holding its ground like a demon at the gates of hell. How was she, a mere housewife, going to find the strength and courage to conquer a monster?

Parting Gifts got it’s start from my many years of delivering Meals on Wheels. There were too many elderly people sitting alone at the end of their journey. “How does this happen?” was a question that begged for a story to be written.

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The Wealthy Frog

Take a journey with a grumpy old frog that has let himself believe the home that he lives in is the most important thing imaginable. It takes something shaking his world to make him realize the importance of friendship.

The Wealthy Frog’s Beginnings

Many years ago, while my mother visited her grandchildren, we decided to get creative. I wrote while she drew. We went to the scrapbooking store and bought fun stickers and decorations, and using a photo album, we made a story for my children. Recently, I surprised her for Christmas and made her a published illustrator. Now all of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren will have something from her for as long to they read to their children.

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