I had the honor of being the guest author at a friend’s book club last night. I must say, that I am also a new member of the group since they invited me in after reading Parting Gifts awhile back. They selected Still Life for the most recent discussion. As an author, it is such a wonderful experience, number one, to have your book selected and, number two, to hear people discuss the story that I created and the characters that emerged within its pages. I particularly enjoy hearing people’s take on how certain parts of the story in which the outcomes are not clearly defined, form in their minds. As a reader, it’s the part we get to own, the part we get to decide for ourselves. Each story becomes, in a way, our own, as our imagination takes hold forming images of scenes and characters. One person may connect to a character and forgive her flaws where another may have met a person in their lives that had enough similarities making it nearly impossible to embrace them. Thank you to all the people that have allowed me to be a part of their discussions throughout the years. It’s truly a joy to me.